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Tools for Research

Online research databases are an important part of our collection because they are curated, fact-checked collections of information at an appropriate level for our students. Students are introduced to them starting with pictorial browsing in kindergarten and keyword searching in second grade. 

Students are encouraged to access our online databases using the LMTC Clever page.  For help logging in or using these resources, please contact Ms. Phelps.

Pebble Go

PebbleGo contains encyclopedia articles and activities in English and Spanish about science and social studies, including general science, animals, health, general social studies, and biographies. 

World Book

Learn about the world through encyclopedia articles, comparisons, games, and activities. Also includes lesson plans and other teacher resources.

Britannica: Fundamentals (Pre-K to 2nd)

Britannica: Elementary (K-6th)

Britannica: Escolar (Español)

Learn about people, animals, and geography through encyclopedia articles and activities.


Learn about culture in the US, Canada, and the world. In addition to general reports about the history, government, land, and language of each region, learn about what life is like for the kids who live there.

BrainPOP (all grades)

BrainPOP, Jr. (K-3rd)

Interactive lessons, activities, games, and quizzes about a variety of topics.